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abigdeal passive income blog 2017, what to expect?

Posted by Gerard McDonald on

Hey there, thanks for stopping by and checking out what we're about! We're super excited about the possibilities of empowering everyone with an additional passive income in 2017.

In short, here are a few of our goals in starting this blog:

- How to generate passive income online in 2017

- Share our latest tips and insights on the full process of sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, advertising and selling a profitable product 

- Host a discussion for anyone who wants to invest in products and is wondering what the process is

- Highlight success stories for products we have sourced

- Answer any questions you are having about the process

We will also share technical product updates, how we select products and what makes good partner manufacturers.  We are going to have a great and profitable time so please go ahead and leave a comment below so we can get to know you and if you have questions let us know.



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