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Investor update Bed Sheets and Bed Grippers #1

Posted by Gerard McDonald on

Hey Investors!

We wanted to let you know, both the bed sheets and the bed gripper products have successfully reached their funding goals! They are now being manufactured and will soon be on their way to Amazon FBA so we can begin selling and making some money!

Bed Sheet labels have been done up by our suppliers and approved for use.

dublinen abigdeal invest and make passive income

Another label

dublinen abigdeal

For the Dublinen brand we are going with Irish themed products and will be selling many bedding and linen products under this brand.  Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to get the newest opportunities if you haven't already.

abigdeal dublinen

We have gotten some product photos from our bed gripper manufacturer and asked them to make some modifications:

abigdeal dublinen

From our previous batch from customer feedback we knew plastic fasteners were not acceptable and they needed metal fasteners (Middle bit), we asked our manufacturer to source and manufacture metal fasteners for our grippers. Here is what they came back with:

abigdeal dublinen 

We have asked they go ahead and manufacture the grippers, we have negotiated they both be sent in the same shipment and they have agreed thus saving us shipping costs on the grippers, this means we will have more money to put into advertising if required or to return to you, our investors. Always pays to be thrifty!

So to summarise we are on track to deliver the expected returns to our investors, we are on track to build a lasting brand with Dublinen.  Once the products go live we will send you the link and also a discount if you want to buy a sample to test the quality. And remember to tell your friends and family about Dublinen (www.Dublinen.com is being built at the moment) , we can help them make more monthly income too!


Team aBIGdeal

Gerard, Alan & Brendan


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