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What kinds of products can I invest in on abigdeal?

Posted by Alan McDonald on

In short anything that sells, but more specifically we typically select commodity products with little brand loyalty.

The reason we choose these kinds of products is rather than competing with brands and providing we have a quality product we will be able to compete well in these categories.

Some Examples are:

- 100% Cotton Bed Sheets in various sizes

- Bed Grippers

- Computer eye glasses which reduce blue light

- Mulberry Silk bed sheets in various sizes

- Razor blades which attach to branded razor handles

- Standing desks for office workers

- Orthopedic Pillows for neck pain sufferers

- Replacement parts for anything electronic

- Replacement kitchen parts

- Compact Air Dehumidifier

- Traditional Japanese floor futon

- Extra sturdy dog bed for bigger dogs

Plus lots more, as you can see we pick things that sell but that do not have large brand presence.  Let us know any questions you have in the comments below.


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