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1. What is abigdeal.co?
When you sign up for abigdeal.co you can invest in products.  We do all the hard work, sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, advertising and selling the product.  We then split the profit with you. abigdeal.co empowers investors with a additional monthly passive income.  We believe by partnering with additional investors (You) we can get better prices from suppliers, scale quicker and make more money for everyone. Every project on abigdeal.co is sourced using artificial intelligence taking into account estimated ROI (Return on Investment). A project has a clear goal, like sourcing bed sheets for $100 (total cost) and selling them for $150 meaning there is a ROI of 50%.

2. What is the profit structure?
We will pay you the profit percentage listed on the product. Anything above that we keep to run the backend services and our platform. For larger investors if you would like to keep 100% of the profit we offer a subscription service where you pay each month and keep all of the profit. Contact us via the website form for more information. Either way, it's a great deal for both of us.

3. What are the basics?
A product listed on abigdeal.co is an opportunity to make money with a clear goal. Think bedsheets, razor blades, or washing machine parts. The funding goal is the amount of money that we need to source, create and distribute the product. Funding on abigdeal.co is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for investing in a product unless it reaches its funding goal. This way, we always have the required capital to source, manufacture, distribute and sell the product.

The abigdeal.co team are the creators behind the product idea, doing all of the hard background work. Investors are folks who invest money to get a positive ROI (Return on investment) for their capital. If you want to know more about how it works, try browsing around and looking at some of the products on this site.

4. What is abigdeal.co for?
abigdeal.co is for making additional passive monthly income by investing in products which we sell online (Amazon, eBay & more) and offline (Your local stores).

5. Who is Team abigdeal.co?
We are an independent company based in Dublin, Ireland. We spend our time improving the site, the backend algorithms that select profitable products, managing the entire manufacturing/distribution process and answering questions from investors.
We believe every day is an opportunity —  Say hello or come work with us! info@abigdeal.co

6. What are the risks if I invest?
Q. What if the product I invest in does not sell?
A. abigdeal invests in each batch of products too so we are all in this together.  The timelines on when a product sells varies with new product lines taking time to get going. 
In short we wait until it sells and we will optimize the listing along the way including by advertising and marketing. You can help us by sharing the product with your friends and family.
Note* Our computer algorithm chooses only commodity products that sell repeatedly each day, week or month.  We are not currently interested in branded items. There is an initial investment period where we need to kickstart the product at the beginning (i.e. get the product listed on Amazon, eBay and in stores, advertise to sell the products and then get reviews so natural sales start occurring). The benefit of investing early is you get to keep your spot in subsequent, more profitable batches over time.  

7. What kinds of products can I expect to see here?
Commodity Products that have little or no brand power, these include:
Bedding items, Kitchen items, Garden items, Sunscreen & mosquito repellant, Home machine parts, Home security, Office Items, Car items.

8. Why can't I do all of this myself?
Quite simply, we save you an enormous amount of time, stress and effort. Here are some of the steps you will need to go through to do this on your own:

i. You need to come up with a profitable product idea, if you don't get the product correct from the start then it can seem impossible and it can take huge amount of time and research to get this right.
How we do it: We use advanced Machine Learning algorithms which take in data from what is selling to how much the product can be sourced, shipped and sold for to make better decisions about which products to stock and the quantity.

ii. Once you have found a product you need to find a reputable supplier, how do you do this?  How do you know you are not being ripped off?  How do you know you will even get the products at all?
How we do it: We use Machine Learning to index and rank the best 10% of suppliers in the world, we will only source from these suppliers, we take into account things like:

- How much they have sold in the past few years
- If they are the actual verified manufacturer, not just a trading company
- What regions they sell to, regions like North America and Western Europe generally indicate a higher quality product as the laws in these countries are more restrictive
- Do they have the required certifications for selling the product, certain products require certifications in order to be sold, we verify the manufacturer has the certifications (e.g. ISO2001)

iii. You will then need to ship the products, make sure they have the correct customs documentation and make sure all applicable taxes are paid
How we do it: Buying the product is the first step, if you do not do this part correctly you risk eating into your profit margin.  We partner with the largest logistics companies to make sure we get the best deals on shipping, customs and that the local applicable taxes are paid.

iv. How do I distribute and sell my product profitably?
How we do it: We sell on all of the major online distribution platforms in addition to our own website.  We also have relationships with offline stores and they stock our products.

9. Why is funding a product all-or-nothing?
All-or-nothing funding of a product is a core part of abigdeal.co and it has a number of advantages:
It's less risk for everyone. By having multiple people invest in a product it spreads your risk of investing a lot of money in one product, instead you can invest across multiple product lines.
It motivates. If investors want to make more money, they're going to spread the word to their friends and family. Remember abigdeal.co makes quality commodity products at a great price for consumers, there is no reason not to recommend our products to your friends and family.  
It means we can make more products faster. By partnering with investors we have the working capital to invest across many more products than we could without investors.

10. Where do investors come from?
They come from all locations and background. Investors in abigdeal.co are just like you, they have some extra money and are wondering how to invest it wisely. 
You can invest from any country and we pay out in Euros.

11. Why do people back products?
Investors back products to make additional monthly passive income when we sell them.
The team at abigdeal.co does all of the hard work of sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and selling the product, you just invest and make passive income.

12. How can I contact you?
Use the contact for at the bottom of this page or go to our contact us page in the menu.

13. Do you accept International Investors?
Yes we accept investors from most countries. Join other investors just like you and get started investing in products today.