FREE product for review offer -

We send you a free product, you give us an honest review.

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This seems like a scam, are the products really free?

Yes we are doing a promotion to get more reviews and awareness of our brand. You do have to pay shipping. 

Can I order more than 1 product?

Yes you can order as many products from the site as you want for FREE while the promotion is going on. 

Can I share this offer with my friends & family?

Yes go ahead, they will have to give us a quick honest review for the products too.

Can I bundle more than one item into the shipping cost?

No, we send direct from manufacturer to your door, they charge us shipping and we pass it on.  You have to pay shipping on each item but hey, the products are FREE for the duration of this promotion!

Whats the shipping time?

It depends on the supplier, but give it 2 - 4 weeks direct from manufacturer.  We will also send you emails keeping you updated on the process.

Whats the shipping cost?

It depends on the weight of the product but a guideline is 3.99 -> 6.99 depending on the product you add to cart.  You would have to pay that in addition to buying the item on any other site.

How do I review the product?

Simple, write a couple of lines about the products you receive, we will send you an automated email around the delivery time asking for this review

Who are you?

We are a new startup based in Dublin, Ireland and San Fransisco, US.


Hi, my names Ger and I'm a co-founder of abigdeal.  After seeing a lot of stuff available in local shops are crazy prices we decided to go straight to the manufacturers to save money, it worked great for us so we are helping people everywhere save money on everyday stuff.


Hi, my name is Al